Policies & Permits

Following are some of the permits that are issued by the Mayor's Office.

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In order to advertise door-to-door, you may need to obtain an advertising permit. Please reference C.O. §541.09


The City of Ashland has available space for Pole Banners to be displayed recognizing community based activities. To find out more information, please review the following:

Streets & Highways
(Processions upon or blockages of)

The following permit applications are issued in accordance with
C.O. §311.02

The City also has forms for street closures and temporary sign requests to assist in communication with all necessary persons.

Application for After-Hours use of the Municipal Building First Floor Conference Room
(after 4 p.m.) 

Personalized Brick Paver

Honor the people, businesses and other organizations of Ashland's history by sponsoring personalized brick pavers.

  • Personalized Brick Paver: .pdf

Transient Vendor

Every itinerant vendor or transient merchant, before commencing business in the City, shall make application to the Mayor. Please call our office (419) 289-8622 for more information.

**For a permanent vendor's license, please call the County Auditor at (419) 289-0000


For information on the following permits, please call our office at (419) 289-8622.

  • Firearms Discharge
  • Junkyard Permit
  • Rubbish Hauling Permit