2014 Yard Waste Program

Starting May 13, 2014, the City of Ashland will start their yard waste collection for this year. The City will be divided into two sections, east and west. The east side will be from Orange Street/Troy Rd./Center Street east to the city limits. The east side will include the Countryside and Woodhill areas. The west side is from Orange Street/Troy Rd./Center Street west to the city limits. The City will pick up both sides of Orange Street/Troy Rd. & Center Streets when they pick up the west side of town. The City will collect the yard waste bags every Tuesday beginning with the east side on May 13th. Collection will continue through October 28, 2014. Yard waste to be picked up outside the normal months of pick up may be called in for special pick up at (419) 289-9791. It will also be done on Tuesday.  If yard waste pick up falls on a holiday, or the day after a holiday, it will be picked up on the following Tuesday.

Biodegradable approved bags may be purchased at area stores. To be picked up they must have a sticker purchased from the City, at the cost of $1.25 per sticker, effective March 6, 2013. They may be purchased at the Water Billing Office, 206 Claremont Avenue. Some area businesses also sell the stickers. Yard waste will only be accepted in biodegradable bags with stickers attached.

Acceptable items to be picked up as yard waste are grass clippings, leaves, flowers, hedge trimmings, small branches cut so as not to protrude from the bag. Dirt, rocks, stones, building materials, plastic, trash etc. will not be accepted.

Brush may be scheduled through the City Arborist for chipping at (419) 289-8239.

Even with this program, the City does encourage individual composting and mulching whenever possible.

May June July August September October
13th - East 3rd - East 1st - East 5th - West  9th - West 7th - West
20th - West 10th - West 8th - West 12th - East 16th - East 14th - East
  17th - East 15th - East 19th - West 23rd - West 21st - West
  24th - West     22nd - West 26th - East   30th - East 28th - East
       29th - East      


If you have any questions please call City Services at (419) 289-9791 or to purchase stickers for yard waste bags contact the Water Distribution Department at (419) 289-8322.