2011 Leaf Pick Up

The annual 2011 Leaf Pick up for the City of Ashland will begin tentatively Monday, October 31st depending on Mother Nature.

There will be 3 crews picking leaves up. One crew will begin West of Center St. to West Main St., doing the south side of West Main. One crew will start on Countryside Dr.doing both sides of Center to Cleveland Ave. and the other crew will start on the north side of W. Main St. to Cleveland Ave., doing both sides of Cleveland Ave.

Please rake leaves onto the tree lawn, keeping them out of the street and away from signs and trees so that the machine can reach them. If cars are parked in the way to where the machine cannot get to the leaves they cannot be picked up. Your cooperation will be appreciated and make picking up leaves easier.

The brown yard waste program stops October 31st but, we will pick up yard waste on Tuesdays after that date by calling 419-289-9791 and giving your address.