2014 Spring Clean Up

Regulations & Guidelines for Spring Clean Up pursuant to C.O.

925.11 and 925.99


Please click on each week to view map of covered area.

Week One     (March 31 - April 4)  Starting with Center Street, both sides, working to but not including West Main St. Includes all streets south side of West Main west of Broad St.

Week Two   (April 7- 11)  Starting with West Main Street, both sides, working to but not including Orange St./ Troy Rd.

Week Three  (April 14 - 18) Starting with Orange Street-Troy Road, both sides, working to but not including Cleveland Ave./Middle Rowsburg Road.

Week Four  (April 21 - 25) Starting with both sides of Cleveland Ave./Middle Rowsburg Rd, (not including Cleveland Ave north of Middle Rowsburg Rd.), working to but not including Center Street.



  • Placement of material to be picked up during Spring Clean-up Program
    • The City will be divided into quadrants and the dates for pick-up in each quadrant will be published in the local newspaper and will be available at www.ashland-ohio.com or by calling 419-289-9791.
    • Items to be picked up shall not be placed upon the tree lawn earlier than the Friday immediately prior to the first day of collection for that quadrant, nor later than the Monday, by 7:00 a.m. of the week scheduled for collection for that quadrant.
    • Persons placing items for pickup before, or later than the specified day set forth in paragraph “b” of this rule, shall be assessed the cost of removing said items in accordance with the established fee schedule.
    • Items put out after street has been picked up will be assessed the cost of removing said items. Items must be on tree lawn in accordance with paragraph b.
    • There is no charge for a pickup size load of material, which amounts to approximately 3 cubic yards. Amounts of material larger than a pickup load will be charged an additional fee, per packer hopper quantity over allowed amount.
    • Any charged amounts will be billed on the City of Ashland utility bill.
  1. Keep different material in separate piles placed on the tree lawn.
  2. Keep items normally picked up by Sanitation Division (garbage and recyclable items) separate from Spring Clean-up items.
  3. All containers not to be taken must be clearly marked.
  4. FOR SPRING CLEAN UP ONLY, we will take at no charge, microwaves, dishwashers, washers, dryers, furnaces, hot water heaters, computers, copiers, fax machines, computer equipment, cellphones etc. 
  5. Do not put T.V.;s out for spring cleanup. Call 419-289-8728 for pickup, or drop off at the Street Department, 310 W. 12th Street. Stop at the office when dropping off. T.V.;s must be complete for pickup of drop off. No charge for either service during your week.
  6. Pick up of refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, water coolers, dehumidifiers or any item containing freon must be arranged through the Sanitation Division (419-289-8728). There is a fee for this service. Leave units intact. DO NOT REMOVE FREON!
  7. No tires, asbestos or asbestos containing materials will be picked up.
  8. No gas tanks or steel drums, chemicals, wet paint or liquids of any kind will be picked up.
  9. No yard waste, sod, dirt, rocks or concrete type material will be taken.
  10. All brush chipping must be arranged by calling the Arborist at 419-289-8239 or 419-289-8247.  (There is a fee for this service).
  11. Information on disposal of yard waste materials may be obtained by calling; Sanitation Division (419-289-8728). 
  12. Engines and transmissions need to have oil pans removed and oil from mowers, etc. must be drained.
  13. Any person is allowed to remove property placed at or near the street during Spring Clean-up.
  14. Please separate recyclable items and recycle all you can in accordance with Sanitation Guidelines.

Please call 419-289-9791 with any questions about spring clean up.