Water Billing Department

Michael A. Hunter
Director of City Utilities

To Contact Us:
  206 Claremont Avenue        
  Ashland, Ohio 44805

Michael A Hunter

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Hydrant Flushing Information not available at this time.

Water Rates

  Inside City Limits Outside City Limits
(Base Rate for
5/8" to 3/4" Meter)
$ 9.53 $ 19.06
Sewer $ 4.88
(Base Charge*)
$ 7.32
(Base Charge*)
Sanitation $ 15.75 No Pick Up

*Sewer charges are calculated from water usage.

Commodity Charge**

Cubic Foot / Month Inside City Limits Outside City Limits
0 - 1,033 $ 2.99 $ 5.98
1,034 - 81,999 $ 2.23 $ 4.45
82,000 - and Over $ 1.68 $ 3.36

**Commodity Charges are applied per dwelling unit, and not per meter. A dwelling unit is defined as one or more rooms with cooking and toilet facilities used as a place of residence for one family.

Exception to the Minimum Monthly Charge is as Follows:

Those householders of the age of 65 years or older who have a total annual income of $12,000 or less, shall pay 50% of total - the total shall be based upon the currently existing minimum charge, the percentage of that minimum charge which is equal to the percentage of water consumption to the amount of 300 cubic feet, provided that water consumption does not exceed 300 cubic feet. When water consumption exceeds 300 cubic feet, the rates, as set forth above, shall apply

Those persons claiming to qualify for the above exception are required to sign an affidavit stating that they meet the established requirements. This affidavit is available a the Water Distribution office, 211 Claremont Avenue.

Download the Senior Discount Proof of Income Form and the Senior Citizen Discount Form.

Utility Billing Responsibilities: Utility billing is done once a month We read all residential, industrial, and commercial meters. Bills are mailed so that they are received by the first of each month with a due date by the 15th of that month. If payment is not received by the 15th of the current month, a 10% penalty is added to the bill.

Direct Debit / A.C.H.: If you wish to pay your Water/Sanitation bill through direct deduction from your checking account, you will need to complete an application from the Water Distribution Office at 211 Claremont Avenue and supply a voided copy of a check. There is a one month waiting period before automatic deduction will start after processing the completed application. Please click Direct Payments to download the application.

Residential Water Meters Responsibilities: Residential water meters are read monthly and you will receive an actual readingeach month.

Repair & Maintenance Responsibilities: The City of Ashland has a crew of maintenance and repair employees who provide the upkeep for water lines and residential meters within the City of Ashland.