Water Supply & Treatment

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Annual Water Quality Report 2015

Annual Water Quality Report 2014


The Ashland Water Treatment Plant is a conventional lime softening facility with an average daily flow of 2.4 million gallons per day (MGD). Treatment plant design is 6.5 MGD. Raw water is supplied from thirteen wells located north of the plant.


Water is pumped to the plant from the wells. The water is aerated to remove methane and carbon dioxide. This also oxidizes dissolved iron. Aluminum sulfate is added at the rapid mix tank to aid in settling. Water then goes to the softening tanks for the addition of lime. Ashland's water is softened to approximately 130 milligrams per liter (removing about two thirds of the raw hardness). This softening is followed by recarbonation to complete the softening process and to stabilize the water. Fluoride is then added. Water then flows to settling tanks, which are followed by filtration. These filters are a combination of anthracite coal, sand, and gravel. Sodium Hypochlorite is added to the water for disinfection, stored in a 1.5 million gallon underground tank and pumped to the distribution system as needed. This distribution system includes four storage tanks. Two ground level tanks hold 2.0 million gallons (MG) each. Two of the tanks are elevated; one holds 0.5 MG and the other 0.2 MG.