The City of Ashland has openings for entry level Firefighter/Paramedics

Important Documents


Division Information

 The Division of Fire provides fire protection and emergency medical services for the City of Ashland and the Townships of Milton and Montgomery, the total coverage for primary fire protection is 60 square miles. The fire protection service includes, but is not limited to: fire suppression, technical rescue, extrication, fire prevention activities, life safety inspection and fire code enforcement and public education. The Emergency Medical Service is at the advanced life support level utilizing Paramedics working under written protocol from the local hospital. The team also provides inter-facility transportation of non-emergency patients.

 The Division operates out of one station with 34 full-time firefighters. We have three (3) engines, one (1) platform, one (1) tender, one (1) heavy rescue, one (1) paramedic intercept, three (3) EMS units and a number of various support and administrative vehicles. 9-1-1 calls for Ashland County are answered by the WAR COG. The County has eleven (11) fire departments. We are the only full-time department.

 Probation for the newly appointed firefighter/paramedic is one (1) year after the completion of required training not to exceed two (2) years from the date of appointment. The work schedule during probation may vary. It will be a 52-hour workweek working 24 hrs on/48 hrs off OR a 45-hour workweek working Monday-Friday 0630-1530hrs. The schedule may change during to facilitate training.

 The starting wage for firefighter/paramedic is $12.00-14.00 per hour, and a pay increase may be given after one year (if probation status continues), and a substantial pay increase when probation is completed. Clothing allowance is $550 for the first year and $650 for the second year (if still on probation status). Physicals as well as the ability tests are given annually.


In addition to the following, performs other related duties as required.

Responds to emergency calls and assists with the control and suppression of fires; responds to calls for emergency medical treatment and provides paramedic services.


  • Completion of secondary education (high school or GED), plus a minimum certification from the State of Ohio as a paramedic.
  • Must meet the age limitations established by the Civil Service Commission and the Ohio Revised Code, and must receive a passing grade on the entrance examination.
  • Must possess a State of Ohio motor vehicle operator's license, plus must be able to qualify for and remain insurable under the City's vehicle insurance policy.
  • Must successfully complete and pass all required firefighter training twelve (12) months after employment by the City.


Must obtain certification from the State of Ohio as a full-time firefighter (NFPA Level II) and as an Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic (EMT-P).

Must possess a State of Ohio vehicle operator's license, plus must remain insurable under the City's vehicle insurance policy.


For purposes of 42 USC 12101.

  1. Responds to emergency calls and assists with the control and suppression of fires (makes openings in buildings for ventilation and entrance; cuts holes in roofs and floors when necessary; lays hose and operates pumping engines to ensure proper pressure; rescues persons trapped in burning buildings; participates in salvage work; operates engines, trucks, and other equipment).
  2. Responds to calls for emergency medical treatment and provides any and all services which a paramedic is legally permitted to perform (cardiac monitoring; electrical interventions to support or correct the cardiac function; airway procedures; the administering of drugs and intravenous fluids; etc.); operates rescue squad vehicle to respond to emergency medical situations
  3. Responds to other types of emergency rescue or emergency assistance situations (hazardous material spills, confined space rescues, trench rescues, etc.)
  4. Cleans up and restores or replenishes equipment after returning from emergency calls.
  5. Demonstrates regular and predictable attendance.
  6. Maintains required licensure and certification.


  1. Maintains departmental tools and equipment; assists with maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of the fire station (sweeps floors, washes windows, cuts grass, shovels snow, paints, etc.); assists with departmental vehicle maintenance.
  2. Participates in training drills and studies materials in order to enhance skills and improve response readiness.
  3. Performs a variety of other assignments to assist with the efficient operation of the department (fills in for dispatchers, may assist with the instruction of others, checks fire hydrants for their operation and condition, conducts public tours of the fire station, may make presentations to service groups and clubs, helps inventory supplies and equipment, prepares meals for shift, etc.).
  4. Performs any and all other duties as directed or assigned by the Chief of the Division or other person acting on behalf of or in place of the Chief, which in the opinion of the Chief or such other person are necessary to be performed in order to promote, further, or ensure the effective and efficient operation of the Division.


Necessary to perform duties (*indicates developed after employment).

Knowledge Of:  Modern firefighting principles, practices, and equipment*; geographical layout of the City*; safety practices and procedures; departmental policies and procedures*; modern paramedic principles, practices, and equipment*; HAZMAT response procedures and equipment*; confined space rescue procedures and equipment*; trench rescue procedures and equipment*; general custodial and maintenance practices and equipment; modern office equipment.

Ability To: Communicate effectively; exercise sound judgment during stressful situations; follow detailed instructions; work independently or with others; perform heavy manual tasks for extended periods of time; lift and move up to one hundred (100) pounds; develop and maintain working relationships with co-workers, supervisors, and the general public; collect, analyze, and interpret data; prepare and maintain accurate documentation.

Skill In: Operating/utilizing firefighting tools and equipment; operating/utilizing paramedic tools and equipment; operating/utilizing HAZMAT response tools and equipment; operating/ utilizing tools and equipment in emergency rescue situations*.



The hiring goal for the Division of Fire is to allow the candidates to showcase their knowledge, skills and abilities in order to allow the City of Ashland (The City) to select the best individual for the position of firefighter/paramedic.

The City has developed a thorough, multi-step hiring process. The first step is the application and eligibility process. The second step is the video testing process that provides a score based on knowledge and skills. (The City of Ashland uses commercially produced and validated testing tools for all components of the video testing.) The third step is the physical ability test. The fourth step process is the structured interview. Trained firefighters conduct the structured interview at the fire station and score it according to well-defined and validated answers. (It is just as important for you to find out about us as it is for us to find out about you. Ask questions and make an informed decision.)

The interview score is combined with the video test score to develop the ranked eligibility list. The City of Ashland Civil Service Rules provide for the “Rule of Ten” selection for hiring. After the final test scores are compiled, the Civil Service provides a rank ordered Eligibility list. Any one of the top ten candidates may be selected to fill the position. The selection is based on additional interviews, information found in the application and the background investigation. These additional screening processes do not alter the final testing scores.

For the fifth step, the top ten candidates will have second interviews with officers in the Fire Division. These interviews follow all Federal guidelines and allow the officers to get to know the candidate. Interviews are conducted at the fire station unless otherwise specified.

When the informal interview process is complete, officers meet to select the candidate(s) that will be given a conditional offer.

After the conditional job offer, the candidate will be required to have a medical exam that includes a drug test and a stress test. Finger printing and a criminal background check follow. If the candidate passes the medical exam and criminal background check, his/her name will be submitted to the Mayor of Ashland and upon approval, a hiring date will be selected.

The City of Ashland Fire Division Orientation process ensures that the candidate will be prepared for the first duty day as a probationary firefighter.


How to Apply                                                                 

  1.  Review the Information Sheet and Application Process sheets along with an Eligibility to Test (ETT) form.
  2. If you meat minimal requirements are met (on ETT) return the documents listed below to human resources:     
    • Application
    • Valid driver’s license
    • HS diploma or equivalent
    • Has current Ohio certification as EMT-Paramedic, OR, Letter of Enrollment in accredited EMT-P Program
    • Applicant returns completed/signed application no later than 4:00 p.m. on June 5, 2017 with:
    • $25 fee in cash or money order
    • Physical Ability Exam Waiver (must be notarized)
    • Information Release Waiver (must be notarized
  3.  Participate in the Video Testing.
    • When: June 17, 2017 promptly at 0900 hours
      •    Doors open at 0800 hours
      •    Bring a photo ID
    •    Where: Samaritan On Main/ UH Administrative Services (663 E. Main St.    Ashland, OH    44805) 
  4. Participate in the Physical Ability Test.
    • When: June 17, 2017 following the Video test, starting approximately at 1300 hours.
      • Bring a photo ID
      • Turn out gear will be provided. You may bring your own NFPA approved gear.
    • Where: Community Stadium (1440 King Road Ashland, OH 44805)
  5.  Participate in the Oral Interview
    • When: Interview times will be assigned after successful completion of the physical ability test.
    • Where: City of Ashland Fire Department (274 Cleveland Ave. Ashland, OH 44805.
  6. Participate in a follow-up interview with Division Officers.


Return Documents to Human Resources no later than 4:00 p.m. on June 5, 20187.