Mosquito Control

   The City of Ashland is concerned about the health of people who live here. In past years, City Services has sprayed for mosquitoes throughout the city, going up and down many of the streets spraying insecticide. This approach was effective but cost-prohibitive and raised concern about the effects of the insecticide on the residents. 
   This year, the City is taking a new approach, balancing the need for mosquito control, along with the diseases they can carry, with the needs for controlling costs and keeping the use of insecticides to a minimum in the city. The plan is to apply an insecticide through fogging in Brookside, Brookside West, and Cahn Grove Parks utilizing the services of an area contractor. The parks will be fogged after dusk, beginning at approximately 9:30 pm, on scheduled dates. The fogging method is especially effective since the insecticide connects with the underside of leaves where adult mosquitoes generally land at night. 
   As the summer progresses, the Ashland City-County Health Department and the Mayor's office will continue to monitor the effectiveness of the fogging and to evaluate the need in other areas of the city. Mosquito traps will be used to track the types of mosquitoes and the diseases which they may be carrying. Mosquito dunks will be placed in areas of standing water to disrupt the life-cycle and reproduction of mosquitoes. To find out more about the insecticide used, please see the insecticide label below.



  • Wednesday, July 12 - Completed
  • Tuesday, July 25 - Completed 
  • Tuesday, Aug. 15 - Completed

The application of the insecticide in the parks begins after dusk. In order to limit the risk of human exposure, the time of application follows the conclusion of all scheduled park activities including ball games, concerts, and pavilion use.

Please remember that the Ashland city parks close at dusk.



  • Brookside
  • Brookside West
  • Cahn Grove
  • Katherine Ave (8/15)
  • Hiner Ave (8/15)
  • Morgan Ave (8/15)
  • King Road (8/15)

The mosquito control application uses a combination of a truck equipped with the fogger and a smaller utility vehicle. The use of the utility vehicle allows fogging around the perimeter of the parks and the tree lines with a minimum of impact to the fields and grass areas. This approach also allows the insecticide to be applied closer to the leaves where the adult mosquitoes like to hide. 

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Parks Info Hotline


Adultacide (Fogging) - Targets the adult mosquitoes

Mosquito Traps
- Set around the City and County of Ashland, the traps allow the Health Dept. to monitor the types of mosquitoes in our area and the diseases which they are currently carrying. 

- Dunks are placed in standing bodies of water where they slowly release a bacterium which is eaten by the mosquito larvae. The dunks last about 30 days in the water but have long term effects as they kill mosquitoes in their developmental stages. 




Adultacide Information

Insecticide Info - page 1

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Insecticide Application Instructions

Application Instructions -
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