The uniformed officer is the most visible of all the Police Division employees.  Twenty of our twenty-four sworn officers are assigned to patrol the streets of our city. They are our first respondents to any emergency or call, they are expected to be pro-active during their tours and to respond quickly to the needs of the community.

                                                            We have 4 squads made up of 1 Sergeant and 3 officers. Squads A & B work 12 hour shifts starting at 6 am to 6 pm.                 Squads C &  D  also work 12 hour shifts starting at 6 pm and working until 6 am.

We have two Lieutenants, Lieutenant Hoover has the Day Watch Command,  and Lieutenant Shreffler has the Night Watch Command.


Steven Hoover  Lieutenant      X 1102   hoover.steven@ashland-ohio.com
Timothy Shreffler  Lieutenant   X 1015   shreffler.tim@ashland-ohio.com
Darcy Baker   Sergeant   X 1143


Jerry Bloodhart   Sergeant   X 1116   bloodhart.jerry@ashland-ohio.com
James Cox   Sergeant   X 1107   cox.jim@ashland-ohio.com
John Simmons   Sergeant   X 1114   simmons.john@ashland-ohio.com
Timothy Atchison   Prob. Officer   X 1138   atchison.tim@ashland-ohio.com
James Coey   Officer   X 1050   coey.james@ashland-ohio.com
Lee Eggeman   Officer   X 1150   eggeman.lee@ashland-ohio.com
 Kody Hying   Officer   X 1139   hying.kody@ashland-ohio.com
 Jeremy Jarvis   Officer   X 1115   jarvis.jeremy@ashland-ohio.com
 Craig Kiley   K-9 Officer   X 1131   kiley.craig@ashland-ohio.com
 Aaron Kline   Officer   X 1106   kline.aaron@ashland-ohio.com
 Jonathan Kohler   Officer   X 1120   kohler.jonathan@ashland-ohio.com
 Brian Kunzen   Officer   X 1109   kunzen.brian@ashland-ohio.com
 Abrahm Neumann   Officer   X 1144   neumannabrahm@ashland-ohio.com
 Kara Pearce   Prob. Officer   X 1008   pearce.kara@ashland-ohio.com
Christopher Schwan   Prob. Officer   X 1029   schwan.chris@ashland-ohio.com
Bradley Scarl   Prob. Officer   X 1028   scarl.brad@ashland-ohio.com
Aaron Welch  K-9 Officer   X 1149   welch.aaron@ashland-ohio.com

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The uniform patrol officer is responsible for:

                          Enforcement of Criminal Laws   

                              Traffic Accident Investigation

                                  Enforcement of Traffic Laws

                                        Handling Initial Calls for Service

                                            Community Outreach