Zoning Board of Appeals

The Zoning Board of Appeals (BZA) decides on appeals to the zoning code pertaining to signage, yard and parking requirements, and home occupations.  The intent of a variance is to make a special exception to a zoning code requirement when a justifiable hardship exists that prevents the requirements from being met.

The membership of the Zoning Board of Appeals are Planning Commission members with the exception of the Mayor and City Engineer.  

Zoning Board of Appeals meetings (if needed) are generally held on the first Monday of each month at 4:00pm in the Council Chambers, 3rd floor of the Municipal Building.  Meetings are open to the public and citizen participation is welcomed.

Agendas will be posted below on the Friday before a scheduled Zoning Board of Appeals meeting.  For general questions or to inquire about making application for consideration by the Board, please contact the Building and Zoning Department, Ann Hawley, 419-289-8744.

Zoning Board of Appeals Members

Tom Mcgee, Leslie Blankenship, Greg Gault, Lowell Bender, and Chester Millheim

Meeting Date                    Agenda

March 2, 2015                  No Agenda Items

April 6, 2015                     No Agenda Items

May 4, 2015                       No Agenda Items

 June 1, 2015                     ZBA Agenda 6-1-15

June 22, 2015                    No Agenda Items

July 6, 2015                       ZBA Agenda 7-6-15

August 3, 2015                 ZBA Agenda 8-3-15

September 14, 2015       ZBA Agenda 9-14-15

October 5, 2015               No Agenda Items

November 2, 2015            ZBA Agenda 11-2-15

November 12,2015         ZBA Agenda 11-12-15

December 7, 2015           No Agenda Items

January 4, 2016               ZBA Agenda 1-4-16

February 1, 2016              ZBA Agenda 2-1-16

March 7, 2016                 ZBA Agenda 3-7-16

April 4, 2016                    No Agenda Items

May 2, 2016                     ZBA Agenda 5-2-16

June 6,2016                    ZBA Agenda 6-6-16

July 11, 2016                  No Agenda Items

August 1, 2016               ZBA Agenda 8-1-16

September 12, 2016      ZBA Agenda 9-12-16

October 3, 2016            ZBA Agenda 10-3-16

November 7, 2016        ZBA Agenda 11-7-16

December 5, 2016         No Agenda Items

January 9, 2017            No Agenda Items