Frequently Asked Questions


1.   My trash/recycling didn't get picked up, who do I call?
Call the City Services division at (419) 289-9791 or send them an email.

2.   I'm having an issue with my water/sewer system, who do I call?
         Call the City Utilities division at (419) 281-7041 or send them an email with your question/concern.

3.   I have questions about trash/recycling pick up.  
         Holiday trash schedule, Yard Waste Program, Sanitation route, Sanitation guidelines, Sanitation schedule

4.   What events are happening in the City? 
         Find our City calendar here and the Ashland Area Convention & Visitors Bureau Calendar here.

5.   Where can I find information on Building Permits? 
         Information regarding Building Permits is available on our Building and Zoning page and permits and forms
 also available online here.

6.   Where can I find information about Brookside Pool?            
         Brookside Swimming Pool 2014 Season Information

7.   Do I need a Pretreatment Permit?            
Information regarding waste water permits can be found on our Office of Compliance Fact Sheet.        
       Contact information for the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency's Regional Office can be found here.

8.   Do contractors need to be registered with the City when renovating my home?
Information regarding the registration requirements are located on the contractor registration page.

9.   How do I know if my contractor is already registered with the City?            
 The City maintains a complete list of registered contractors with the City here.

10.   What I should know before posting outdoor signs?            
   Information for posting outdoor signs is explained in Codified Ord. 1184.

11.   Where can I find a sign permit application?        
         Sign Permit Application

12.   What I should know before having a yard sale? 
Ordinance 20-14 contains information relative to yard sales.