General Information

The Director of Finance is the chief fiscal officer to the City. The Finance Department is responsible for recording all receipts and disbursements, all assets and liabilities and accounting for taxes and assessments. The Director of Finance assists the City Council, Mayor and Division Directors in the preparation of the annual budget and in all financial related matters. The Director of Finance is also responsible for investing, managing and safekeeping of the City's money. The Finance Department collects all monies for the City and makes all necessary disbursements on the City's behalf. Besides accounts receivable and accounts payable, the departments prepares payroll, records ambulance and miscellaneous billings, and oversees the capital assets system.

The Finance Department strives to provide the delivery of services and information to both employees and citizens in an orderly, efficient manner. Currently, the City has an "A1" rating from Moody's Investors Service.The City prepares an annual financial report which is audited annually, that is in compliance with the general accepted accounting principles.