Ashland Elected Officials


Duane R. Fishpaw

and Director of Public Service & Safety

Duane Fishpaw became mayor on January 22, 2017, to fill the remaining term left by the retirement of Glen P. Stewart. 

Fishpaw served in the Navy as a jet electrician and later attended North Central State College and Ashland University. Most of his professional career was spent with the Ashland Fire Department where he was a Firefighter/Paramedic, Captain, and then an Assistant Chief. Fishpaw represented Ward 1 on the City Council for five years.

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Mayor Duane Fishpaw




Larry Paxton

Finance Director

Larry Paxton has served as the Finance Director for the City of Ashland since 2005. The Finance Director is the chief fiscal officer to the city. The Finance Department is responsible for recording all receipts and disbursements, all assets and liabilities and accounting for taxes and assessments. The Director of Finance assists the City Council, Mayor and Division Directors in the preparation of the annual budget and in all financial related matters. The Director Finance is also responsible for investing, managing and safeguarding the City's money.

Under Paxton's financial care of the city, Ashland has maintained high ratings with Moody's Investors Services. In addition, the yearly financial reports are audited annually to remain in compliance with the generally accepted accounting principles. 

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Larry Paxton

Larry Paxton


The Honorable John Good

Municipal Court Judge


As the Municipal Court Judge, Good presides over the Ashland Municipal Court. The municipal court includes the criminal and traffic divisions which hear all misdemeanor criminal cases, ordinance violations, and traffic/parking violations that occur within Ashland County, Ohio.  The civil and small claims division hears noncriminal, civil cases.

For more information, see the Ashland Municipal Court Website.

Richard P. Wolfe II

Law Director

Richard Wolfe serves as the Law Director for the City of Ashland. As Director of Law, Wolfe represents the City of Ashland as its attorney, advises the elected officials on the legal aspects of issues, and prepares or reviews all contracts and proposed legislation.

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Richard P. Wolfe II