City Officials

City Officials

Elected Officials

Position Name Term Phone
Mayor Duane Fishpaw 12-17 289-8622
Director of Finance Larry Paxton 12-19 289-8170
Director of Law Richard P. Wolfe II 12-19 289-3777
Judge, Municipal Court John L. Good 12-19 289-8342
City Council, Ward I TBA 12-19 289-2387
City Council, Ward II Robert M. Valentine 12-17 289-7623
City Council, Ward III Ruth G. Detrow - President 12-17 289-7504
City Council, Ward IV Sandra H. Tunnell 12-17 289-0056
City Council at Large Matt Miller 12-19 281-7618 

Terms begin January 1 and end December 31.
Phone numbers are area code (419).

Administrative Personnel

Position Name Phone
City Engineer Shane Kremser 289-8331
Assistant to the City Engineer Phil Diehm 289-8331
Director of Water &
Wastewater Treatment
Michael Hunter 281-7041
Director of City Services Jerry Mack 289-9791
Assistant Finance Director Lee Yarman 289-8170
Executive Admin to the Mayor Kelly Marshall 289-8622
Police Chief David Marcelli 289-3639
Fire Chief Richard Anderson 289-6511
IT Director Patty Green 989-3529
Building & Zoning James Kovacich 289-8744 
Director of Parks & Recreation Jerry Mack 289-5943
Director of Human Resources Mark Burgess 289-3426
Clerk of Courts Eric Akers 289-8137
Chief Probation Officer Shannon Snyder 281-2586
CCA Probation Officer Dan Mager 281-2586

Phone numbers are area code (419).