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It is the mission of the Finance Division of the City of Ashland to manage the City's finances with integrity and accountability, to serve and uphold the City ordinances and resolutions,abiding by all mandates governing proper municiple financial control. It is our goal to keep the City of Ashland fiscally sound for present and future generations.

General Information

The Director of Finance is the chief fiscal officer to the City. The Finance Department is responsible for recording all receipts and disbursements, all assets and liabilities and accounting for taxes and assessments.


Larry Paxton, Director of Finance; Lee Yarman, Assistant Finance Director; Barb Kerr, Administrative Assistant; Nikki Skafec, Payroll Specialist; Jasmine Koenig, Accounting Specialist

Annual Financial Audits

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR)


INCOME TAX Division Home Page


Director of Income Tax; Larry Paxton   PHONE: 419-289-0386




Larry Paxton, Director of Income Tax;  Income Tax; Karen Mollette, Tax Specialist; Julie Rogers, Tax Specialist;  Amanda Spellman, Tax Specialist


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