Ordinances 2015

Ord. 1-15 Rates for Parks and Recreation

Ord. 2-15 Material Bid Ordinance 2015

Ord. 3-15 Annexation Ordinance

Ord. 4-15 Zoning Carter Lumber Parcel

Ord. 5-15 Agreement with Rea & Associates

Ord. 6-15 North Countryside Storm Sewer Replacement Project

Ord. 7-15 2015 Crack Sealing Project

Ord. 8-15 U.S. 42-7.75 Waterline Replacement

Ord. 9-15 Amending Ord. No. 7-15

Ord. 10-15 Transfer of Funds

Ord. 11-15 Annual Appropriations

Ord. 12-15 COG Dispatch Funds

Ord. 13-15 OH Board of Bldg Standards Request

Ord. 14-15 CRA Mielke Tax Incentive

Ord. 15-15 Holbrook Ave. Resurfacing

Ord. 16-15 2015 Street Repair-Resurfacing

Ord. 17-15 CRA Boundary

Ord. 18-15 Creating Additional Appropriations

Ord. 19-15 Then and Now - Muni Ct Postage

Ord. 20-15 Transit - 2 Modified Mini Vans

Ord. 21-15 Amending Ord. 8-15

Ord. 22-15 Walnut-Washington Rezoning from "R-S"

Ord. 23-15 Walnut-Washington Rezoning from "R-A"

Ord. 24-15 Walnut-Washington Alley Vacation

Ord. 25-15 Jacobson Ave. Culvert

Ord. 26-15 Then and Now - Sylvester Tires - CS

Ord. 27-15 Ford E450 Chassis - Fire Division

Ord. 28-15 Ec. Dev. of Tuscarawas Co. Bonds for A.U.

Ord. 29-15 911 Dispatch Service Fees to County

Ord. 30-15 CHIP Partnership Agreement with County Commissioners

Ord. 31-15 Stump Grinder Purchase for City Arborist

Ord. 32-15 Wells Road Waterline Extension Project Modification

Ord. 33-15 2015 Sodium Chloride (Rock Salt) Cooperative Purchasing Program 

Ord. 34-15 Transferring Appropriations 

Ord. 35-15 911 Dispatch Services Fees to County 

Ord. 36-15 Debt Collection Agreement with Attorney General

Ord. 37-15 Then and Now - AFD

Ord. 38-15 Income Tax Levy

Ord. 39-15 Sewer Equipment Purchase (T.V. Insp. Sys.)

Ord. 40-15 Sewer Equipment Purchase (F450)

Ord. 41-15 Alley Vacation (Cottage)

Ord. 42-15 Annexation US 250 E (104.863 acres)

Ord. 43-15 911 Dispatch Service fees to County

Ord. 44-15 Simonson Construction (Clark Ave. culvert replacement) 

Ord. 45-15 Adjustments to 2015 Appropriations

Ord. 46-15 Authorizing the Sale of Real Property (Steiner Bldg.) 

Ord. 47-15 GovDeals sale

Ord. 48-15 "Then and Now" Parks/Rec

Ord. 49-15 County Mitigation Plan for Natural Disasters

Ord. 50-15 United Way Raffle - 2 Paid Days Off

Ord. 51-15 Alley Vacations - 9th Street

Ord. 52-15 CRA Tax Inentive - Ashland Commons, LLC

Ord. 53-15 911 Dispatch Service fees to County

Ord. 54-15 Establish Zoning - Carter Lumber Property 

Ord. 55-15 Adopting 2016 Tax Comm. Budget

Ord. 56-15 "Then and Now" Inmate housing, USFGA, EJ USA, Inc

Ord. 57-15 Used Tahoe Purchase for APD

Ord. 58-15 Transfer of Certain Real Property (AU)

Ord. 59-15 911 Dispatch Equipment Fees to County

Ord. 60-15 "Then and Now" 8-13-15 - Various

Ord. 61-15 CRA Negotiating Committee Tax Abatement - Tara SPK Hospitality, LLC

Ord. 62-15 "Then and Now" 9-1-15 - Various

Ord. 63-15 Creating Additional Appropriations

Ord. 64-15 Transferring Appropriations

Ord. 65-15 Enacting Ch. 1341 and Repealing Ch. 1335 of the Cod. Ord.

Ord. 66-15 Naming Montgomery Road

Ord. 67-15 Rezoning "M-2" to "M-1" (Orange Road)

Ord. 68-15 Rezoning "M-2" to "M-1" (East of Fourth Street)

Ord. 69-15 Rezoning "M-2" to "M-1" (Ashland Railway)

Ord. 70-15 Establishing Zoning "M-4"

Ord. 71-15 Establishing Zoning "B-2"

Ord. 72-15 Frontier Systems

Ord. 73-15 County Dispatch Payment

Ord. 74-15 Additional Appropriations

Ord. 75-15 Transfer of Funds

Ord. 76-15 Then and Now Certificate 

Ord. 77-15 Amending  Ordinance 74-13

Ord. 78-15 Then and Now Certificate

Ord. 79-15 Contract with Simonson for Catch Basin Project

Ord. 80-15 Transfer Appropriations From One Line to Another

Ord. 81-15 Authorizing ODOT for the Disabled Transit Fare for Elderly

Ord. 82-15 Approve the Expenditure of funds for County Dispatch

Ord. 83-15 Then and Now Certificate

Ord. 84-15 Authorizing the Mayor to Enter into Contracts  for the Renewal of Health Insurance

Ord. 85-15 Authorizing the Mayor to Purchase Equipment for City Services Division

Ord. 86-15 Ratifying and Approving Expenditure Funds for Dispatch

Ord. 87-15 Transfer Appropriations Within A Fund From One Line To Another

Ord. 88-15 Enacting Chapter 230 Municipal Income Tax of the Codified Ordinances

Ord. 89-15 Then And Now Certificate

Ord. 90-15 Amending Section 127.04 of the Codified Ordinances of the City For Emergency Medical Services

Ord. 91-15 Ordinance Providing  For the 2016 Temporary Appropriations for the City of Ashland

Ord. 92-15 Creating Additional Appropriations

Ord. 93-15 Then and Now Certificate

Ord. 94-15 Transfer Appropriations From One Line to Another

Ord. 95-15 Authorize the Mayor to Bid for Equipment for the Water Department 

Ord. 96-15 Authorize the Mayor to Enter into Conctrats with the Firefighters Local

Ord. 97-15 Then And Certificate 

Ord. 98-15 Creating Additional Appropriations

Ord. 99-15 Transferring Appropriations From One Line To Another

Ord. 100-15 Approve Expenditure of Funds For Dispatch Services