Ashland Public Transit

Ashland Public Transit

A “Shared Ride” Public Transportation System

To Contact Us:


206 Claremont Avenue

Ashland, Ohio 44805

Lower Level of Municipal Building


Call for a Ride:   (419) 207-8240

If you are a TTDY user, call:   Ohio Relay Service: 1-800-750-0750


Hours of Operation:

6:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday

8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Saturdays

Closed Sundays and all major holidays.


Mission Statement:

It is the mission of Ashland Public Transit, through the efforts of dedicated and well trained employees to provide all citizens and visitors with safe, reliable and efficient transportation, which continues to grow to meet their needs.


To Use Service:

Please call Ashland Public Transit dispatch at 419-207-8240 to schedule your ride by providing your name, address, desired pick-up and drop-off locations, and the times you wish to be picked up.  If you need assistance, please let us know when you schedule your trips.  Ashland Public Transit is a “curb to curb” service with a 15 minute window for pick up and drop-off times. 


American Disabilities Act (ADA) Service:

Please call dispatch at 419-207-8240 if you are disabled as you may qualify for a reduced fare.  Ashland Public Transit has 7 vehicles that are “handicapped accessible.”


Elderly Discount:

If you are 65 years of age and can show proof of your age with a driver’s license or birth certificate then you will qualify for a discounted fare.


Types of Trips:

Currently, Ashland Public Transit permits three types of trips:


Subscription Trips:  A pre-scheduled trip for a future date that has no end date.  For example; Jane Doe needs to go to the grocery store every Saturday at 10:00 a.m.  If you know you will be using our service on a regular basis, please share this information with us so we can schedule a “Standing Order” for you.


Demand Response Trips:  A pre-scheduled trip that is scheduled 24 hours in advance.  For example; John Doe schedules a trip today to go to the doctor tomorrow at 1:00 p.m.  Call dispatch to request your trips between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. the day before you ride.  If you schedule a trip after 5:00 p.m. you will be charged the Same Day service rate.


Same Day Trips:  Trips that are scheduled the day of the trip.  For example; Jane Doe needs to go to the pharmacy at 11:15 a.m. today.  Ashland Public Transit allows “same day” trips within the city limits.  A “same day” trip is $5.00 for the general public and $2.50 for elderly/disabled.


Scheduled Ahead (24 Hour Reservation) inside City limits

General Public = $3.00 per trip      Elderly/Disabled = $1.50 per trip

Under 12 with Adult = FREE           Under 12 without Adult = $1.50


For General Public Riders:  If a second person riding is going to the same destination as the general public rider, the second person pays half-price ($1.50) when they schedule 24 hours ahead.  A $3.00 charge will be applied to “no shows” for general public and a $1.50 charge will be applied for elderly/disabled.  Children “under 12” are FREE with a fare paying adult.  Child restraint seats are available if you call ahead to notify dispatch.


Same Day Service One-way Trips inside City limits

General Public = $5.00 per trip

Elderly/Disabled = $2.50 per trip

Under 12 with Adult = FREE

Under 12 without Adult = $2.50


For General Public Riders:  If a second person riding is going to the same destination as the general public rider, the second person pays half-price ($2.50) for “same day” service.  A $5.00 charge will be applied to “no shows” for general public and a $2.50 charge will be applied for elderly/disabled.  Children “under 12” ride FREE with a fare paying adult.  Child restraint seats are available if you call ahead to notify dispatch.


Out of Town Trips:

Ashland Public Transit provides transportation up to a 100 mile radius from downtown Ashland.  Out of town trips need to be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance.  The trip cost is figured by charging the in-town rate first and then charging for miles traveled outside the city limits.  When traveling with Ashland County the charge per mile is $1.00.  When traveling outside Ashland County the charge per mile is $2.00.  If the driver has to wait for the passenger at the out of town location, wait time is $10.00 per hour.  When returning from your out-of-town trip, the cost per mile remains the same as the trip over.


Ashland Public Transit has specific fares for trips to Airports. Trips to Cleveland Hopkins and Akron-Canton Airport both cost $75.00 for one person.  Any additional passengers will pay $10.00 each.  Trips to Columbus Airport cost $100.00 for one person and $10.00 for each additional passenger.



Beginning in the mid to late 1970’s Ashland and many other communities our size in the State of Ohio developed a growing need for some form of Public Transportation.


Recognizing this need our State Government and the Federal Government got together and appropriated funds to fill this need.  These funds were made available to communities like ours in the form of grants.


To qualify for these grants, transportation had to be made equally available to all segments of our population and the City of Ashland had to agree to provide a local share of funds.


When all of the criteria were met, the grant was approved.  Ashland City’s Transportation System began on February 1, 1987.  The system is funded mainly through grants provided by the Ohio Department of Transportation and the Federal Transit Administration.


The Transition Phase:

In the past, Ashland Public Transit ran like a “taxi service.”  While a “taxi service” provides many advantages to the passengers such as individualized service, it is by its nature not very efficient.  Now the system needs to be in compliance with the grant from ODOT as it strives to become more of a Public Transit System.


The Ohio Department of Transportation, Office of Transit has provided the City of Ashland and Ashland Public Transit technical assistance to conduct a Transit Developmental Plan to improve efficiency and productivity to provide cost effective transportation.



FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What Type Of Service Is Available?  Ashland Transit Service offers Shared Ride Service. When you call the dispatcher please tell them what type of trip you will need: Subscription, Demand Response, or Same Day.

Q: How Do We Operate?  Ashland Transit provides curb to curb service. This means that we will pick you up at your curb and drop off at the curb of your destination. We do not enter any private or public buildings. When we are busy, we may stop and pick up other passengers along the way. You should always allow extra time to reach your destination.

Q: Do I Have To Be A Senior Citizen Or Disabled To Ride The Service?  No, anyone can use the service offered by Ashland Transit. We are a city-wide public transit service offered to all citizens in the area.

Q: When Does Ashland Transit Service Operate?  We are open Monday through Friday 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Saturdays 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.  We are closed on Sundays and major holidays.

Q: What Does It Cost To Ride?  A pre-scheduled trip for one General Public passenger is $3.00 for a one-way in-town trip. If you request an extra stop, it is an additional fare.  A “same day” trip for one General Public passenger is $5.00. Each extra stop is an additional fare.

A pre-scheduled trip for one Elderly/Disabled passenger is $1.50 for a one-way in-town trip.  If you request an extra stop, it is an additional fare.  A “same day” trip for one Elderly/Disabled passenger is $2.50.   Each extra stop is an additional fare.


Q: Do I Have To Wear A Seatbelt While Riding In Vehicles?  Yes, all passengers must wear a seatbelt. We secure all wheelchair passengers by using 4 tie-down restraints in the vehicle. This policy is not only for your protection, it is the law. All children must ride in the back seat. You may provide child seats or use the ones we have available. Please tell the dispatcher at time of call if you need a car seat.

Q: Can I Make Reservations In Advance?  Yes, actually we prefer reservations made in advance over same day service.

Q: How Far In Advance Can I Schedule A Ride?  One (1) month

Q: What If I Need To Cancel My Ride?  If you have placed a call to be picked up and change your mind or get another ride, please call us and cancel. Time spent looking for you, causes other passengers to wait longer. You need to call two (2) hours in advance if you are going to cancel your trip or it will result in a “no show” and you will be required to pay the “no show” fare before your next trip.

Q: Can My Request For A Same Day Trip Be Denied?  We will not turn you down, but you may have to go earlier or later if all time slots are filled. They are provided on a “first come-first served” basis.

Q: When Should I Be Ready?  If immediate pickup is requested, we try to pick you up within 30 minutes. However, when we are extremely busy, it may exceed half an hour. Please be ready right after you call, as we try to work you in with other passengers in order to reduce your wait. If you have to be picked up at a certain time, we try to arrive no more than 15 minutes before or 15 minutes after your reserved time.

Q: What Information Do I Need To Give The Dispatcher When I Call?
The dispatcher will ask for your name, a pickup point (where you are) and your destination (where you want to go).  If you do not want to be picked up at the time you call, but would like to reserve a trip for a later time, please tell the dispatcher.  Tell us if you have any mobility devices with you and if more than one passenger is riding.

Q: I Work and Need My Child Picked Up At School and Dropped Off At another Location. Can You Provide This Service?  Yes, Ashland Public Transit will pick your children up at school, the babysitter, etc. and take them wherever you designate.  Call dispatch and set up a time to pick them up.  We also need to know who the responsible adult is at the destination in case there is nobody there when we arrive. Be sure to give the dispatcher a phone number in case you need to be reached. Our drivers are instructed not to leave your children if no one is there. We need to be able to contact you for instructions should this happen.

Q: Can I Smoke In The Vehicle?  No smoking is allowed by the driver or passengers in any of our vehicles.

Q: My Wife Is Ill, and Is Unconscious. Can You Take Her To the Hospital?  No. You need to call “911” as we are not a medical transport service and our drivers are not trained to administer aid.

Q: What Will Happen If I Use Offensive Language or Become Physically Abusive?  If you do not immediately stop the verbal abuse and cooperate, you will be removed from the vehicle. Any physical abuse, an officer will be called. You can request a review of your riding status upon agreeing to refrain from such behavior.

Q: Can you transport my Pet?  We will transport your pet to and from the vet in a cage. Of course, service animals are always permitted to ride with you.

Q: Do I Need To Confirm My Ride?  If you have scheduled a ride with us and we are more than 15 minutes late, it would be a good idea to call us to make sure there was not a misunderstanding.


Q: I Don’t Like The Service I Received. Who Do I Complain To?  We hope you have enjoyed your ride with us, but on occasion, you may have a complaint. Do not get angry with the driver; the drivers are doing their job and following instructions from the dispatcher. Any problems or complaints with the transit service or employees should be directed to Glen Stewart, Mayor of the City of Ashland.

Q: What If I Need Someone To Assist Me?  A Personal Care Assistant (PCA) may accompany you at no additional cost, If someone rides with you because you need assistance, that person should be with you at the time you are picked up.

Q: Will You Help Me With My Groceries, Etc?  Yes. Assistance with bags in and out of the vehicle to the curb only. We do not enter private buildings.

Q: Will The Driver Assist Me?  Yes, the driver will help you with your walker, help you to your curb, help with your groceries, etc. It is helpful to us to know if you need extra help, and you should tell the dispatcher this when you call.

Q: Does Ashland Transit Operate In Bad Weather?  Yes, we make every attempt to continue operation in bad weather. However, if the Mayor or Safety Service Director determines that it is unsafe to operate the vehicles, there may be adjustments made in the schedule.  Tune into WNCO 1340 AM for any delays or cancellations.

Q: Will You Get Me To My Destination On Time?  We will make every effort to get you to your destination when you want to be there. However, you need to call far enough ahead to make this possible. If you need to be at work, have a court date, or a doctor’s appointment, please call us ahead of time so we can safely transport you. Also consider that we may pick up other passengers along the way or experience delays due to road conditions.

This service is financed in part from an operating Assistance Grant from the Ohio Department of Transportation and the Federal Transit Administration