Ball Field Schedules

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2016 Fast Pitch Softball Calendar

2016 Slow Pitch Softball Calendar

2016 Youth Baseball Calendar

Locations / League Identifiers

Identifiers used for ball field locations are as follows:

B1 Brookside Main Fast Pitch
B2 Brookside Youth
B3 Brookside Youth
BW1, BW2 Brookside West Fast Pitch
BW3, BW4, BW5 Brookside West Slow Pitch
CG Cahn Grove Park, Ashland Youth League and Fast Pitch
D Davis Field, Ashland Youth League
M Miller Field, Ashland Youth League
E Emmons Field, Ashland Youth League


Identifiers used for leagues/teams are as follows:

#2 Ashland Men's Fast Pitch
#6 Huff-N-Puffers
#11 Ashland University
#12 L.L.-Major
#12M L.L.-Minor
#12R L.L.-Rookie
#12T L.L.-T Ball
#12SPL L.L.-Spl Needs
#13 Ashland Youth Baseball
#13AMS7 Ashland Middle School (7th Grade)
#13AMS8 Ashland Middle School (8th Grade)
#14 Mens/Co Ed Slow Pitch
#15MB 8U Black Widows Fast Pitch
#15MF 12U Black Widows Fast Pitch
#18 Girls Summer



The calendars displayed below show current schedules and usage. Click on individual entries for more information.