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Tennis Information
There is something for anyone who enjoys playing tennis. New info will be posted in the Spring for the Summer Season.

Basketball Program
This program is for boys entering into 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th grade during the following school year from any school district. New info will be posted in the Spring for the Summer Season.

Girls Softball Program
Girls Softball Program begins in Spring for Summer Season.

Soccer Information

Soccer Field Permit Forms
Soccer Field Usage Policy

Soccer Clinics

Fall Adult Slow Pitch League 

Play starts on Sept. 8, 2016, and runs through Oct. 13, 2016, at Brookside West Fields.
Contact: Travis Plank


Ashland Park and Recreation Office: 419-289-8247 

Ashland Park Soccer Coordinator: 419-685-4391 Danny Krispinsky

Sports Hotline (weather related closings): 419-281-3018

The Ashland Park and Recreation Department does not sponsor any soccer program but does coordinate the use of the park soccer facilities with the various soccer organizations within the City of Ashland. Any problem or safety issue involving the soccer facility should be reported immediately using the numbers listed above.

The City of Ashland Park and Recreation Department operate a series of between 12 to 13 soccer fields for both fall and spring soccer seasons. All fields are “Play by Permit Only”. Permits can be applied for through the Park office. Fields 1, 2, 3A, and 3B are located at Brookside West Park. Field 4 is located at Davis Park and Fields 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and during the spring season Field 5B are located at the Soccer Park. The fields vary in size depending on the age of the participants and the requirements of the various soccer organizations. Parking and restroom facilities are available at each facility. All fields are prepared weekly by Park employees which includes mowing, lining, goal setup-maintenance-anchoring, field maintenance, and refuse pickup.

The Ashland spring soccer season runs from April to June. The Ashland fall soccer season runs from August to November. Most fields are closed during the months of June and July so that field maintenance can be completed for the start of the following season. Two rotating fields do remain open throughout June and July for AHS open field practices and their summer league games along with other youth tournament team practices. Call the Park Office: 419-289-8247 to see which fields are open for play during the summer months.

For information concerning the various soccer leagues (programs) contact the person(s) listed below:

Ashland Soccer Association - Youth recreational league for ages 5 through 14. Practices are evenings 1 hour per week and games are played on Park fields on 6 consecutive Saturdays.

President: Bob Kanuch - 419-281-8191 or email:

Ashland United Soccer Organization - Youth travel league for ages 8 through 14. Practices are 2 evenings 1-2 hours per practice and half of scheduled games are played on Park fields. The other half are played out of town. Within this organization there are 3 divisions: Appleseed Soccer League, Northern Ohio Girls Soccer League, American Amateur Soccer League.

President: Clayt Crosby - 419-908-0116 or email:

Appleseed Soccer League - Youth recreation plus league for ages 5 through 14. Practices are 1 – 2 evening per week for 1.5 hours with 1 game per week. Most games are on Saturdays. Appleseed is a Richland County based program so most away games are within that area. (More competitive than ASA.)

NOGSL (girls only) and AASL (boys only) - Youth travel leagues for ages 8 through 14. Practices are 2 evening per week for 2 hours with 1 game per week. Most games are on Sunday afternoons. Both NOGSL and AASL are based out of the Cleveland area so your away games will be played in that area. (More competitive than Appleseed.)

For higher level youth competitive play contact: Ohio Youth Soccer Association North (OYSAN) and request information about Premier Soccer Programs and the Olympic Development Program. As with any youth athletic program the “higher up” you go both the time commitment and financial commitment will increase. Ohio North:

State Director: Tom Turner – 330-659-0989 or email:

Ashland Adult Soccer Program - Adult travel program for ages 16 and up. Games are on Sunday afternoons. Most games are played in the Mansfield area.

President: Bob Kanuch - 419-281-8191 or email:

All area high schools have soccer teams. For additional school information contact the athletic director of the specific school.

For any additional soccer related information contact:

Ashland Park Soccer Coordinator: Danny Krispinsky 419-685-4391

Last updated: July 6, 2016