Personnel Listing

All Police Division members are available for contact at a telephone extension. This extension may be an office extension or access to a voice mail box. If you wish to contact a Division member, call the Division at 419-289-3639 and ask for the individual by name or extension. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT OFFICERS WORK 12 HOUR SHIFTS AND MAY HAVE SEVERAL PAID DAYS OFF IN A ROW.  IT MAY TAKE SEVERAL DAYS FOR THEM TO RETURN YOUR CALL.

Name Position Ext. Email Address
David Marcelli Chief of Police 1010
Dave Lay Captain 1016
Tim Shreffler Patrol Lieutenant 1015
Joel Icenhour Detective Lieutenant 1034
Steven Hoover Patrol Lieutenant 1102
Don Garrison Patrol Sergeant 1028
Darcy Baker Patrol Sergeant 1143
Garry Alting Patrol Sergeant 1169
Jim Cox Detective Sergeant 1107
Jerry Bloodhart Patrol Sergeant 1116
Dennis Evans Patrol Officer 1035
Kim Mager Patrol Officer 1030
Brian Evans Detective Officer 1031
John Simmons Patrol Officer 1114
Craig Kiley K-9 Patrol Officer 1131
Josh Welch Patrol Officer 1138
Curt Dorsey Patrol Officer 1111
Brian Kunzen Patrol Officer 1109
Aaron Kline Patrol Officer 1106
Abrahm Neumann Patrol Officer 1144
Jeremy Jarvis Patrol Officer 1115
Jonathon Kohler Patrol Officer 1120
Aaron Welch Patrol Officer 1149
Lee Eggeman Patrol Officer 1150
Shane Berry Patrol Officer
  Patrol Officer    
Julia Kamburoff Admin. Assistant 1009
Mary Adkins Clerical Supervisor 1005
Vicky Boyer Office Clerk 1119
Rebecca Cheney Office Clerk 1123
Kendra Deaton Office Clerk 1139
Angel Fowler Office Clerk 1101
Valerie Ortega Office Clerk 1124
Dave Harper Maintenance 1036