Special Response Team


The City of Ashland staffs a part time tactical team comprised of Law Enforcement Officers and Paramedics from the Ashland Police Division, Ashland County Sheriff’s Office, Loudonville Police Department and the Mifflin Fire Department. Team operators are trained to respond and contain threats posed to the residents of Ashland County that may be outside the resources of the average patrol element. These high-risk incidents may include serving dangerous search or arrest warrants, conducting surveillance, diffusing situations involving armed or emotionally disturbed subjects and hostage scenarios.

The multi-jurisdictional team is led by Captain David Lay, Sergeant Jerry Bloodhart and Deputy Andy Kuscsik.  Other personnel assigned include APD Patrol Officers Brian Kunzen, Jonathan Kohler and Lee Eggeman. In addition to Kuscsik, the Ashland County Sheriff’s Office has appointed Deputy Cody Mager. The Loudonville Police Department assigns Patrol Officer Micah Morrison. The Mifflin Fire Department sponsors Randy Jackenheimer, J. J. Bittinger and Kevin Rosser as tactical medics for the team.  APD Patrol Officer Kim Mager is the team's negotiator.

The Special Response Team conducted twelve tactical operations during 2012. These operations stemmed from investigations initiated by the Ashland Police Division, the Ashland County Sheriff’s Office and the U. S. Marshals Service. They included one barricaded subject and one hostage/barricade event, one search warrant for criminal evidence, two arrest warrants and six search warrants for narcotics.  The team assisted patrol and investigative units in the seizure of marijuana, bath salts, drug paraphernalia and cash while making twelve arrests during the actions.