Contractor Registration


City Ordinance

Chapter 1331 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Ashland require that any contractor, general contractor or subcontractor engaged in contracting, construction, alteration, repair, replacement or removal or demolition of buildings or structures, as business for profit in the City shall, before performing any work within the corporation limits of Ashland, register with the City's Engineering Division as set forth herein:


A contractor, general contractor, or subcontractor seeking to be registered shall submit the following to the Engineering Division:

(1)   A certificate of liability insurance in the amount not less than one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) per person or three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000) per occurrence for bodily injury, and fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) per accident for property damage (except automobile), for any and all losses to persons by reason of any negligence on the part of himself or his agents or employees while engaged in the performance of construction work in the City.  Failure on the part of the contractor to maintain this insurance coverage on a continuous basis will result in automatic cancellation of the registration.  Provision will be made by the contractor to have his insurance company give the City at least fifteen (15) days prior written notice in the event of cancellation or non-renewal of this insurance coverage.  The above referenced insurance requirements are minimum standards.  However, a contractor may be required to carry more coverage if so stated in any contractual language, when engaged in a project with the City;

(2)   Proof of compliance with the State of Ohio's Workers Compensation Laws;

(3)   Certificate of registration with the City of Ashland's Income Tax Division;

(4)   A current copy of his or her license issued pursuant to Ohio R.C. Chapter 4740 by the OCILB (Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board) to the contractor or an employee of said contractor, if such license is required for the contractor's trade or certificate issued pursuant to Ohio R.C 3737.65 by the Ohio Fire Marshal.

(5)   A registration fee of one hundred dollars ($100) for the initial registration and seventy-five dollars ($75) for annual renewal.

Please find listed below a link to the Contractor Registration Packet and a current list of Registered Contractors.

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