Planning Commission

The Planning Commission consists of seven (7) members (all appointed by the Mayor) and is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations on development plans and other items relating to planning, zoning and platting of land.  The Planning Commission may also periodically recommend to amend or modify the City's Land Use Plan, zoning related ordinances, and other plans for comprehensive development of the City.

The Ordinance requires that the Mayor and City Engineer serve as members and that three (3) of the remaining five (5) members be residents of the City.  Two (2) members may reside outside of the City but not more than three miles there from.

Planning Commission meetings (if needed) are generally held on the first Monday of each month at 4:00pm in the Council Chambers, 3rd floor of the Municipal Building.  Meetings are open to the public and citizen participation is welcomed.

Agendas will be posted below on the Friday before a scheduled Planning Commission meeting.  For general questions or to inquire about making application for consideration before the Commission, please contact the Building and Zoning Department, Ann Hawley, at 419-289-8744.

Planning Commission Members

Mayor Miller, Shane Kremser, Tom Mcgee, Leslie Blakenship, Greg Gault, Lowell Bender, Rick Ewing


January 8, 2018
PC Agenda 1-8-18

January 12, 2018
PC Agenda 1-12-18

February 5, 2018
PC Agenda 2-5-18






January 9, 2017
PC Agenda 1-9-17

February 6, 2017
PC Agenda 2-1-17

March 6, 2017
PC Agenda 3-6-17

March 20, 2017
PC Agenda 3-20-17

April 3, 2017
PC Agenda 4-3-17

May 1, 2017
PC Agenda 5-1-17

May 15, 2017
PC Agenda 5-15-17

June 5, 2017
PC Agenda 6-5-17

July 10, 2017
PC Agenda 7-10-17

August 7, 2017
PC Agenda 8-7-17

September 11, 2017
PC Agenda 9-11-17

October 2, 2017
Revised PC Agenda 10-2-17

November 6, 2017
PC Agenda 11-6-17

December 4, 2017
PC Agenda 12-4-17