The City of Ashland provides sanitation services, including trash pickup, spring cleanup, and recycling pickup and dropoff facilities, for residents of Ashland.


Sanitation and curbside recycling pickup is scheduled once a week in each area within the City of Ashland. Information on pickup for specifics streets is available in the City Services Office at (419) 289-9791.

Ashland Recycles Right

Recycling Guidelines for the City of Ashland. Residential recycling will be done once each week by the City of Ashland on your scheduled day for recycling pickup, which is a different day from household trash pickup.

Sanitation Holiday Schedule

When the City of Ashland offices close for government holidays, the sanitation schedule also changes. When the holiday falls on a workday, the sanitation routes for that day will be delayed until the following workday.

Yard Waste

Guidelines and schedules for yard waste collection in the City of Ashland

Leaf Collection - 2023

Leaf pickup in Ashland, Ohio - information and schedule

Christmas Tree Disposal

Christmas tree recycling and pick up in the City of Ashland, Ohio.

Spring Clean Up

The schedule and guidelines for Ashland's annual Spring Clean Up.