Leaf Collection - Spring 2019

 Spring 2019 Schedule

Each year, the City starts city wide leaf collection at the end of October or first of November. Due to the weather in the fall and winter months, the City of Ashland will be providing one more round of leaf pickup in the spring. For each quadrant of the City of Ashland, leaf pick up will be the week following their scheduled Spring Clean Up pick up. 

Spring Leaf Pickup follows one week after Spring Clean Up Pick Up


Have leaves at curb by 7:00am on Monday morning


Here are some helpful hints:

  • Only leaves should be put out for leaf pick up

  • Stay on good terms with your neighbors! Make sure that leaves are placed in front of your own property. If your property does not have a curb or direct access for the leaf crews, please contact the Sanitation Dept to find out when the crews will be in your area or use the yard waste bags and arrange for pick-up. 419-289-9791

  • Make sure that leaves are easily accessible for the work crews - not blocked by vehicles or next to signs, utility poles, fire hydrants or other obstructions. 

  • Protect our crews and our equipment - make sure no sticks are mixed in with the leaves


If you see the work crews, tell them "Thank you"!
They work hard to keep our city looking good!

 Spring 2019 Schedule


Leaf pickup is for leaves only. Mulched leaves and grass fall into the yard waste category and should be put in brown yard waste bags for pick up. Pampas grass, potted plants, removed in ground plants, mulched grass, brush, etc. are all yard waste products and should be handled through the yard waste program or chipping program. Leaves piled on brush cannot be picked up.

Leaves should be put to the curb and not in the street for collection. Please make sure that leaves are not blocked by vehicles parked in front of the leaf piles. Also be aware of putting leaves around signposts, fire hydrants, utility poles and mailboxes as the machine needs to be able to reach them.

Yard Waste pick up is still being determined and the schedule will be released as soon as it is completed. 

Please keep leaves out of the street! 

Leaves should be placed on the tree lawn or at the edge of the resident's lawn.


Leaf Collection 

Note: Please remember that this is for leaf pickup only. Yard waste and mulched grass should be placed in the brown yard waste bags. Sticks and other items mixed in with the grass can harm the city’s equipment!