Industrial Pre-Treatment

The Ohio Environment Protection Agency approved Ashland's Industrial Pretreatment Program on December 26, 1984.  Prior to that time, a successful locally developed program regulated the City's industrial dischargers, resulting in the pretreatment of several effluents.  Ashland's Wastewater Treatment Facility utilizes trickling filtration as a secondary process, which by nature tends to promote a very stable plant. Over the many years, sludge disposal has been accomplished by land application of the lime-stabilized sludge.  This disposal method has prompted Ashland to concentrate on pretreatment as a method of limiting metals accumulation in our POTW's Sludge.
Ashland's office of Industrial Pretreatments major responsibility is to keep the industrial users in compliance with federal, state, and local laws.


Michael Hunter
Director of Utilities

Jim Portner