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The Finance Division is in charge of handling and monitoring all of the financial business aspects of the City of Ashland, Ohio.  Our duties encompass the Finance, the Utility Billing and the Income Tax Offices.  The Director of Finance oversees the Offices as they work together to provide the community and city divisions with the most up to date and accurate financial information and support possible.


The Finance Office is located at 206 Claremont Ave in Ashland on the second floor of the Municipal building.  The primary function of the Finance Office is to collect all of the City's revenues and pay all the liabilities of the City of Ashland.  The office also processes the City's payroll for the City's employees and monitors the City's cash flow through bank reconciliations that are performed on a daily basis.  The division performs all financial aspects of the City for its investors and oversight agencies. The Director of Finance and his staff prepare the annual City Tax Budget and Spending Appropriations for the City which are approved by the City Council.  The Finance Office hours are 7:30-4:00pm Monday thru Friday and the staff may be contacted at (419)289-8170.


The Municipal Income Tax Office is located at 218 Luther Street in Ashland. The Income Tax Office's main function is to administrate and collect the local Municipal Income Tax.  As a part of the process the Income Tax Office assists our citizens in completing their annual City Income Tax returns and complying with our tax codes.  Information on filing the Municipal Income Tax can be found on the Ashland Municipal Income Tax website.  The Income Tax Office also provides the City with cash and inventory control oversight on a regular basis.  The Tax Office can be reached at (419)289-0386, and office hours are 7:30-4:00pm Monday thru Friday, with special hours occurring during the tax season.

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