Why the information? 

The City of Ashland, Ohio strives to provide the Citizens of Ashland with an open flow of information about the operations of the City, and to help develop healthy active participation with our residents.  In accordance with Ohio Revised Code, the Finance Division has provided reports and links below in an effort to better inform and to assist the flow of information.



City of Ashland Checkbook     2020 Appropriations     Working Copy of 2021 Tax Budget


Week Ending Revenue Report    Week Ending Trial Balance    Week Ending Cash Statement     Week Ending Purchase Orders

September Month Ending Revenue Report     September Month Ending Trial Balance     September Month Ending Cash Statement     September Month Ending Purchase Orders   

Yearly State Audits

The City is audited annually by the State of Ohio Auditor's Office or an independent auditing firm, contracted by the State Auditor's Office to perform the audit.  The City produces an annual GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) and CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report).  These reports are prepared to better inform investors of the financial condition of the City.  Following review by State, the reports are issued according to the guidelines set in Ohio Revised Code 117.11.

For your review and consideration, attached are the Yearly CAFRs commencing with 2009 up to the most recent report available, along with each year's Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting.




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