EMS / Ambulance Billing

All of our EMS/ambulance billing is handled by Medicount Management Inc. located in Cincinnati. If you have any questions or concerns regarding a bill received after utilizing the emergency ambulance service, please feel free to contact them. 

Medicount Management Inc. 
10361 Spartan Dr. 
Cincinnati, OH 45215 

Phone Number: 513-772-4465
Toll-Free Phone Number: 800-962-1484
Email: info@medicount.com

Website: https://medicount.com

If you are an attorney or insurance company requesting EMS incident reports, contact:

Attorney Request for Documents: https://www.chartswap.com/requestor-provider/

More Information can be found at: https://medicount.com/attorney-request/

Email: ptrelations@medicount.com

Phone: (800)962-1484

Still Have a Question? 

Contact our Administrative Assistant
Mon-Fri, between 8am - 4pm.