Chief of Police

Job Notice

The City of Ashland has an opening for a Chief of Police in the Division of Police.
This person reports to the Citizens of Ashland and Mayor Matt Miller. 

Digital applications with cover letters, resumes and proof of OPOTA Certification will be accepted from March 1, 2021-April 30, 2021.

Apply Here
March 1-April 30

What You'll Do:

  1. Communicate easily and regularly with staff members, community members, and the mayor in building positive, supportive relationships with these parties. 

  2. Manage personnel including: organizational structure; distribution of resources; personnel recruitment and hiring; contract administration; training; discipline; delegation of authority and responsibilities.

  3. Create and manage the budget including: needs assessment; development and presentation of the budget; implementation of budget based on maximizing the funds approved; documentation of funds usage and audit budget use throughout the year.

  4. Develop strategic, “big-picture” goals that support the City’s strategic goals and communicate them with stakeholders; define, promote and model the Division’s mission, vision and values; define and setting yearly goals; support and engage the City’s community.

  5. Manage equipment; evaluate resources needs; ensuring equipment is proactively maintained and repaired; develop a strategic replacement plan for equipment.

  6. Manage records and files in compliance with state law; adhere to records retention policy; determine data collection needs and define types and forms of reports to be used.

  7. Attend and participate in public meetings in order to build community trust and rapport; develop and provide public programing to inform citizens and address concerns; respond to citizen complains; and assess community satisfaction.

  8. Promote inter-agency relationships by actively participating in the senior leadership team; participate in professional and community organizations; and promote interagency cooperation and asset sharing throughout the City, County, and surrounding areas.

  9. Manage critical incidents by: participating in governmental planning and oversight groups; formulating plans for preparedness, and directing critical incident operations when necessary.

  10. Openly communicate with the media which includes: conducting media interviews and press conferences, and writing articles; administering public records releases in compliance with the law. 

  11. Maintain personal and professional competence by attending training (such as the yearly Chief’s in-service); honestly and humbly assess strengths and weaknesses and seek out complementary training and development opportunities; participate in necessary training to maintain state certification as a police officer; and participate in senior leadership training.

  12. Demonstrate traits and attitudes necessary to perform the qualifications of the position including, but not limited to: the ability to accept criticism; remain even tempered; display a sense of humor; exercise patience; conduct oneself morally; be assertive, sensible and appropriately sympathetic; display honesty, tolerance and lack of bias; be willing to take risks when appropriate; serve as an articulate team leader who is well organized, approachable, and friendly.

  13. Demonstrate regular and predictable attendance.

  14. Engages in patrol, investigative, and other law enforcement activities as needed; protects residents and their property; enforces state and local laws; responds to requests for and provides needed assistance, and if necessary, administers first aid; investigates suspicious conditions or individuals; searches individuals, vehicles, and other locations; checks various types of premises; warns offenders in lieu of arrest or citation; evacuates persons from dangerous situations; arrests and apprehends suspects or offenders (conducts frisk and pat down, applies handcuffs, seizes contraband, pursues on foot or in police cruiser, fires duty weapon, advises suspects of constitutional rights, etc.).

  15. Miscellaneous duties as assigned.

An Ideal Candidate:

  1. Has excellent communication skills with direct reports, supervisor, across departments, and with the public. Customer service (internal and external) is second only to safety.

  2. Shows personal regard for employees and is able to establish a trusting relationship with them.

  3. Is self-assured, self-disciplined, and takes pride in quality, timely work.

  4. Will multi-task, is adaptable, and is comfortable with changing conditions and priorities when "something comes up," and is available for irregular hours when needed.

  5. Can learn quickly, thoroughly, and in detail.

  6. Supports City initiatives and decisions. Identifies Division strengths and weaknesses and seeks to maximize solve problems and overcome challenges. Identify emerging industry trends and determine how changes can support City initiatives and Divisional goals.

  7. Analyzes and synthesizes information to make sound, logical decisions, weighing risks against benefits, and take responsibility for them; will collaborate with others on decisions when appropriate.

  8. Is fluent in: management practices; city government structure and process; federal, state, and local laws and ordinances. Sets specific goals and standards for self and direct and indirect reports to advance City initiatives; will influence team to work towards meeting the City’s a high standards.

  9. Delegates responsibilities to direct and indirect reports with a focus on learning opportunities and job enrichment; will follow-up on the timeliness and quality of various tasks.

  10. Ensure employees maintain required licensure; support ample educational and enrichment opportunities for employees with a desire to support their interests and strengths and improve on their weaknesses.

  11. Has intermediate computer skills for communication, time keeping, record keeping, reporting, budgeting, etc.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Must be certified as a Peace Officer by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Council and must maintain CEUs required by the State of Ohio

  • Must be certified as a Peace Officer by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Council and must maintain CEUs required by the State of Ohio

  • Must have a valid State of Ohio Driver License and must be insurable under the City’s vehicle insurance policy

  • Must be a resident of the State of Ohio.• Must have a minimum of ten years of full-time employment as a certified law enforcement officer

  • Must have a minimum of three years of supervisory experience; command level/upper supervisory experience, preferred

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Police Administration or related field is strongly preferred

Compensation and Benefits:

  1. Annualized salary $60K-96K, ($2307-$3461/pay), commensurate with experience and internal equity; plus various stipends, allowances, etc. as outlined in the Administrative Pay Ordinance

  2. Eligible for insurance upon start with no City mandated waiting period, which includes:

    •Major medical insurance (monthly premium is heavily subsidized by the City)
    •HRA provided by the City
    •$40k term life insurance (paid entirely by the City)
    •Voluntary term life insurance
    •Dental insurance
    •FSA, medical
    •FSA, dependent care
    •Critical Illness
    •Short Term Disability
    •Long Term Disability

  3. Pension membership in OP&F (Ohio Police and Fire)

  4. Paid time off
    •Awarded 120 hours of vacation at hire (prorated based on hire date), renewing on January 1
    •Awarded 120 hours of sick leave
    10 paid holidays

How to Apply

  • Complete the online application and submit a cover letter with resume and OPOTA certification
  • Complete the Civil Service Test, date TBD based on the number of qualified and competitive applicants

Apply Here
March 1-April 30