The City of Ashland is accepting applications for Firefighter/Paramedics 


Minimum qualifications:
● Must have attained the age of twenty-one (21) on or before date of appointment.
● Must not be over the age of thirty-five (35) on date of appointment except where the applicant has had continuous service, including one of the past two (2) years, and is in good standing in another public fire division, in which case the candidate may be up to forty (40) years old on the date of appointment (DOCUMENTATION MUST BE SUBMITTED IF CLAIMING AN AGE EXCEPTION).
● Must possess a valid driver’s license.
● Must possess a High School diploma or equivalent.
● Must possess current Ohio certification as an EMT-Paramedic, OR provide a Letter of Enrollment in an accredited EMT-P program.
● Must have excellent physical condition and be able to pass a work related ability test.


How to Apply

Candidate must:

1) Return completed/signed application packet* no later than 4:00 p.m. on October 31, 2019 and must include the following items (Click here to download application packet):

   ● $25 fee in cash, check or money order (non-refundable)
   ● Information Release Waiver (must be notarized)
   ● Physical Ability Exam Waiver (must be notarized)
   ● Copies of :
      o Driver’s License
      o High School diploma or equivalent
      o Paramedic Certification or a letter stating that the applicant is enrolled and in good standing in an                       accredited EMT-P program.
      o Prior service documentation (only if claiming an age exception)
      o DD214 (only if claiming military credit)  (To be eligible for military credit consideration, an applicant must have served on active duty in the armed forces of the United States for a period of one year (365 days) and have been honorably discharged. Additional military credit of 10% is given on the regular written portion of the entrance examination to those who present evidence at time of application. Additional credit is applied upon attainment of a passing grade.)

*Application packets are not considered complete until ALL applicable items are received.

2) Participate in the Civil Service Test .on Saturday, November 23, 2019. The written portion will be at the City of Ashland Municipal Building (206 Claremont Ave.) at 0900 hrs. The physical ability portion will follow the written portion and be conducted at Community Stadium (1440 King Rd.) at approximately 1300 hrs.




Additional Information

Job Responsibilities

  1. Responds to emergency calls and assists with the control and suppression of fires (makes openings in buildings for ventilation and entrance; cuts holes in roofs and floors when necessary; lays hose and operates pumping engines to ensure proper pressure; rescues persons trapped in burning buildings; participates in salvage work; operates engines, trucks, and other equipment).

  2. Responds to calls for emergency medical treatment and provides any and all services which a paramedic is legally permitted to perform (cardiac monitoring; electrical interventions to support or correct the cardiac function; airway procedures; the administering of drugs and intravenous fluids; etc.); operates rescue squad vehicle to respond to emergency medical situations.

  3. Responds to other types of emergency rescue or emergency assistance situations (hazardous material spills, confined space rescues, trench rescues, etc.).

  4. Cleans up and restores or replenishes equipment after returning from emergency calls.

  5. Demonstrates regular and predictable attendance.

  6. Maintains required licensure and certification.

  7. Performs any and all other duties as directed or assigned by the Chief of the Division or other person acting on behalf of or in place of the Chief, which in the opinion of the Chief or such other person are necessary to be performed in order to promote, further, or ensure the effective and efficient operation of the Division.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Wages: hourly pay is $18.00, plus appropriate stipends and clothing allowance, plus annual increases as negotiated by the IAFF. (For more information you can read the contract with the IAFF located here)

  • Eligible day one for insurances, there is no waiting period for: 
          -Health (which is subsidized substantially by the employer)
          -$40K term Life policy with the option to purchase additional coverage
          -Voluntary FSA and 457 plans

  • Paid Time off: 
          -10 paid holidays;
          - Sick leave begins accruing immediately, plus The City accepts sick leave transfers from qualifying          public employers
          -2 weeks of vacation prorated at 1 year anniversary, the 2 weeks every January 1 after; 
          -Personal time