Police Officer Entry Level


The City of Ashland is accepting applications for entry level Police Officers, Ashland Police Division, Chief David Marcelli

Application packets will be accepted from June 15, 2018 through July 31, 2018.

Civil Service exam for entry level Police Officer will be conducted on Saturday, August 04, 2018 at 9:00am.  The written exam will be at University Hospital Samaritan On Main (663 East Main St.).  Doors open at 8:00am.  Physical ability exam will immediately follow behind the Police Department (1211 East Main St.).


- How to Apply
- Civil Service Testing Information
- Eligibility to Test and Domestic Violence disclosure forms

- Application
- Information Release Waiver
- Physical Exam Waiver

Applications are also available at the Office of Human Resources. 

206 Claremont Ave., from 8 AM - 4 PM, Monday - Friday.

A non-refundable payment of $25.00 cash, check, or money order must be submitted with application packets and required documents.

Deadline for completed applications and all documents is July 16, 2018.

Mark Burgess, Administrative Secretary
Ashland Civil Service Commission

Equal Opportunity Employer



In addition to the following, performs other related duties as required.

Patrols the City in order to protect residents and their property; responds to calls for assistance; arrests suspected criminals; prepares reports and other documentation. 


  1. Shall be at least age twenty-one (21) and not over the age of thirty-five (35) on or before the date of appointment. Where the candidate has been continuously employed and in good standing with another public law enforcement agency within the prior two years, he or she may receive up to five years of experience credit for that service on a year of year basis. This credit will be added to the maximum age allowing the candidate to test for and be appointed up to and including the age of 40.
  2. Must currently possess a valid peace officer certification through the Ohio Peace Officers Training Council (OPOTC); or must be eligible to attain such certification through refresher training; or must be currently attending and in good standing at an OPOTC-certified academy, such candidate must have achieved a valid peace officer certification by the date of appointment.
  3. Shall have excellent physical condition and be able to pass ability testing.
  4. Shall be able to meet the health requirements necessary to pass a Fitness For Duty examination performed by a physician designated by the City. Professional fees for the required medical examination shall be paid by the City.
  5. Shall have vision correctable to 20/20 in each eye.
  6. Completion of secondary education (high school or GED).
  7. Must meet the residency requirements for sworn members of the Police Department within one (1) year after completion of probationary period. 


  1. Must be certified as a Peace Officer by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Council.
  2. Must possess a State of Ohio motor vehicle operator's license, plus must be able to qualify for, and remain insurable under, the City's vehicle insurance policy. 


For purposes of 42 USC 12101.

  1. Patrols assigned area in order to protect residents of the City and their property; enforces state and local laws; responds to requests for and provides needed assistance, and if necessary, administers first aid; investigates suspicious conditions or individuals; searches individuals, vehicles, and other locations; checks various types of premises; warns offenders in lieu of arrest or citation; evacuates persons from dangerous situations; arrests and apprehends suspects or offenders (conducts frisk and pat down, applies handcuffs, seizes contraband, pursues on foot or in police cruiser, fires duty weapon, advises suspects of constitutional rights, etc.).
  2. Conducts investigations of crime scenes and traffic accidents (secures scene, gathers and analyzes evidence, locates and interviews witnesses, searches premises, interrogates suspects, makes judgments regarding probable cause for warrantless search, transports property or evidence, diagrams crime or accident scene, etc.).
  3. Enforces traffic and parking laws and ordinances (sets radar; controls, regulates, and directs traffic; checks vehicles for proper registration; issues citations; administers sobriety tests, etc.); assists stranded motorists; removes hazards from the highway.
  4. Prepares and submits reports and other documentation (accidents, arrests, investigations, etc.).
  5. Demonstrates regular and predictable attendance.
  6. Maintains required licensure and certification. 


  1. Prepares for and testifies in courts of law.
  2. Attends training programs and reads professional publications in order to keep abreast of advancements in the field.
  3. Performs any and all other duties as directed or assigned by the Chief of the Division or other person acting on behalf of or in place of the Chief, which in the opinion of the Chief or such other person are necessary to be performed in order to promote, further, or ensure the effective and efficient operation of the Division. 


Necessary to perform duties (*indicates developed after employment).

Knowledge Of:  State and local criminal and traffic laws and ordinances; departmental policies and procedures*; safety practices and procedures; professional law enforcement principles and procedures (patrol, response, arrest, etc.); public relations; investigative principles and procedures.

Ability To:  Communicate effectively; work independently or with others; exercise sound judgment during stressful situations; follow detailed instructions; develop and maintain working relationships with co-workers, supervisors, and the general public; run fast for short periods of time; sit, stand, or walk for long periods of time; climb over obstacles and through openings; force entry into buildings; jump from elevated surfaces; crawl through confined areas (attics, crawl spaces, etc.); maintain weapon proficiency; lift and carry injured persons; collect, analyze, and interpret data; prepare and accurate documentation.

Skill In:  Interacting with individuals from diverse backgrounds; administering first aid; encountering and subduing an armed suspect or a person resisting arrest (including the performance of evasive maneuvers); operating a motor vehicle; operating/utilizing investigative tools and instruments. 


The following are examples only and are not intended to be all inclusive.

Police cruiser, firearms, radio, radar unit, intoxilyzer, and other standard law enforcement equipment. 


Is exposed to traffic; is periodically exposed to blood or other bodily fluids and violent behavior; must periodically operate police cruiser at high speeds. 

This position description in no manner states or implies that these are the only duties and responsibilities to be performed by the position incumbent.


Compensation and Benefits

  • Wages: hourly pay is $21.34, with annual increases as negotiated by the FOP.

  • Eligible day one for insurances, there is no waiting period for: 
          -Health (which is subsidized substantially by the employer)
          -$20K term Life policy with the option to purchase more
          -Voluntary FSA and 457 plans

  • Paid Time off: 
          -10 paid holidays;
          - Sick leave begins accruing immediately, plus The City accepts sick leave transfers from qualifying          public employers
          -2 weeks of vacation prorated at 1 year anniversary, the 2 weeks every January 1 after; 
          -Personal time

Equal Opportunity Employer