City of Ashland Paving Project

City of Ashland Pavement Condition Ratings 2018

Streets in the City of Ashland 

The Streets in the City of Ashland are showing much improvement after the 2017 Paving Project. In November 2016, the citizens of Ashland passed an income tax increase of 0.25% to generate additional funding to repave streets in the city. The 0.25% income tax increase generates approximately $1.4 million a year.  The City borrowed $3 million so we could get started right away rather than wait to collect the revenue.  Approximately $1 million will be available in year 2 and $1.4 million each year the last 3 years.  The extra $200,000 will be made up from County Permissive Tax Funds.  In addition to City of Ashland paving, ODOT will be paving Center, Cottage, and East Main Street (US-42/US-250 to Claremont) in 2019 and the US-250 bypass in 2020.  

The Paving Project is the result of that funding. In 2017, the project paved approximately 26.5 lane miles at a cost of just over $2 million. Approximately $1 million will still be available for next year's paving project, which will include Claremont Avenue.  The city officials are working on putting together a plan for approval and public input early next year, with the goal of bidding the project out in February to allow for an early start when the weather allows.

The above map shows the condition of the streets resulting from the paving after the passage of the levy. Thank you, Residents of Ashland, for passing the levy. And thank you for your patience throughout the process!



2018 Paving Project Updates

June 1 - Sarver will be milling Samaritan Avenue, East Walnut, and King Road (Katherine to King Ridge) starting on June 5. 


 Morgan Avenue 


The paving of Morgan Avenue and other area streets during the summer of 2017.