Advertising on Private Property


The following are guidelines for advertising on private property in the City of Ashland. As a guest in our City, your compliance with the following guidelines is expected and appreciated. (C.O. § 541.10)


  • An advertising permit is required when any materials will be left at a residence or for a resident without handing it to them directly
  • Advertising permits must be approved by the City Council
  • Fee of $15 to be remitted with application in addition to an example of all materials which will be distributed
  • Application, fee, and all materials must be submitted to the Mayor’s Office one week prior to City Council Session
  • Hours for Door-to-Door advertising are 9:00am until no later than 7:00pm or sundown, whichever is earlier
  • Asking for documentation of any kind from residents is not permitted
  • Permits valid for the calendar year in which they are issued – a maximum of 4 visits to a neighborhood in the city during the year

Submission of an advertising permit application is viewed as acceptance of the above terms. The $15 fee is due in the Mayor's Office before the permit will be granted. 

Advertising Permit Application