Parade Permit Information


Our community loves to come together to celebrate patriotic holidays and extra special events. If your organization wants to host a parade for the city, there are a few guidelines that will help the process run more smoothly for everyone. 

Anyone desiring to use the city for a parade, march, or demonstration must obtain a parade permit. There is no fee for the permit and the permit will typically be granted or denied within a week of receipt of the application. Reasons for denial include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Potential threat to public safety
  • Insufficient support personnel available 
  • Normal business and traffic flow impeded for an unacceptable length of time

The City discourages dispensing items from vehicles during parades or other events. If needed, a fee may be assessed commensurate to the additional expenditures for extra clean up after the event.

Submission of a parade permit application is viewed as acceptance of the above terms. I accept - go to application

If you prefer to print and send in the application, click here.