Police Officer

What You'll Do:

  • Patrols assigned area in order to protect residents of the City and their property; enforces state and local laws; responds to requests for and provides needed assistance, and if necessary, administers first aid; investigates suspicious conditions or individuals; searches individuals, vehicles, and other locations; checks various types of premises; warns offenders in lieu of arrest or citation; evacuates persons from dangerous situations; arrests and apprehends suspects or offenders (conducts frisk and pat down, applies handcuffs, seizes contraband, pursues on foot or in police cruiser, fires duty weapon, advises suspects of constitutional rights, etc.)

  • Conducts investigations of crime scenes and traffic accidents (secures scene, gathers and analyzes evidence, locates and interviews witnesses, searches premises, interrogates suspects, makes judgments regarding probable cause for warrantless search, transports property or evidence, diagrams crime or accident scene, etc.)

  • Enforces traffic and parking laws and ordinances (sets radar; controls, regulates, and directs traffic; checks vehicles for proper registration; issues citations; administers sobriety tests, etc.); assists stranded motorists; removes hazards from the highway

  • Prepares and submits reports and other documentation (accidents, arrests, investigations, etc.)

  • Demonstrates regular and predictable attendance

  • Maintains required licensure and certification

  • Prepares for and testifies in courts of law

  • Attends training programs and reads professional publications in order to keep abreast of advancements in the field

  • Miscellaneous duties as assigned

We're looking for someone who:

  • Is a team player and is "Dedicated to Service"

  • Will maintain absolute confidentiality

  • Has excellent interpersonal skills with the public, co-workers, and across City departments

  • Is between age 21 and 35 on the date of appointment. If an applicant has continuous service in one of the past two years, and is in good standing with another public police division, then the age limit may extend to age 40

  • Has a valid Ohio Driver's License (or can obtain one before appointment to the position)

  • Must currently possess a valid peace officer certification through the Ohio Peace Officers Training Council (OPOTC); or must be eligible to attain such certification through refresher training; or must be currently attending and in good standing at an OPOTC-certified academy; or be willing to complete an OPOTC- certified academy approved by the Chief of Police. Such candidate must have achieved a valid peace officer certification by the date of appointment.

  • Must have excellent physical condition and be able to pass a work related ability test

  • Has a high school diploma or equivalent

Compensation and Benefits:


  • $48,027-$58,156, plus applicable stipends as outlined in the contract

  • Annual wage increases as outlined in the contract

  • Pension through OP&F

  • Available 457 plan

Insurance eligibility day one, no waiting period:

  • Major medical insurance (monthly premium is heavily subsidized by the City)

  • HRA provided by the City

  • $40k term life insurance (paid entirely by the City)

  • Voluntary term life insurance

  • Dental insurance

  • Vision

  • FSA, medical

  • FSA, dependent care

  • Accident

  • Critical Illness

  • Short Term Disability

  • Long Term Disability

Paid Time Off:

  • 11 paid holidays

  • Sick leave begins accruing immediately, plus the City accepts sick leave transfers from qualifying public employers

  • Personal days

  • 80 hours of vacation after first full year

How to Apply:

Candidates are required to complete National Testing Network's exam and Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ) to move forward in the hiring process.

Additional Testing Required

The Ashland Police Division will be holding a required physical ability test on an as needed basis. This test is pass/fail and designed to evaluate applicants' physical ability to perform the duties of a Police Officer.