Street Closure/Event Application

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Events that impact traffic require a street closure permit. Examples of activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Road construction

  • Lane closures

  • 5K or other events which take place on the public streets

  • Parking space use (such as dumpster placement) 

The submission of the application does not guarantee permission for the road closure. When the completed application is submitted, the information is reviewed by the Police Chief, the Fire Chief, and the Director of City Services and then submitted to the Mayor for final approval. Once the application is fully approved, a copy of the permit will be sent to the contact person. Providing an email address will speed the process by allowing the permit to be sent digitally.

In order to allow time to confirm the requested date for an event, please submit the application at least three (3) weeks before the event. Applications submitted with insufficient lead time may be unable to be approved.

Submission of a street closure application is viewed as acceptance of the above terms.

Once the permit is fully approved, please contact the City Services Division phone 419-289-9791 to coordinate the pick-up/return of street closure equipment.

Approval of the application does not ensure Police assistance; please contact the APD for further information, phone number: 419-289-3639.

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